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††† 96 Elephants are killed EVERY DAY: Guess by whom?
► Because Elephant tusks are now worth more than gold, 96 Elephants a day have their tusks stolen from their faces, with chainsaws while they are still alive. They walk around for days in agony before their final agonized gasps, as the baby elephants watch. Because it furthers Islamic expansion, neither Rhinos, Elephants or non-Muslim families are shown any mercy. Enjoy the cute baby pictures, but as you laugh out loud, don't forget all the children whose parents are blindfolded and exterminated, along with all those Elephants and Rhinos.. How much more mayhem before we realize we must Ban Islam NOW? www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153504073683835
LastDaysofIvory.com - The Islamic Elephant Holocaust
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