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Words of Wisdom: What is true wealth?
I am starting a weekly insight into an example of living in poverty in today's United States. This is just one example as I know I can't speak for everyone. It's simply the story of my family and the lessons, experiences, struggles, triumphs, joys and sorrows that touch us in this rather unstable time. It is my hope that these examples offer support, and a kindred spirit to others who are in the same situation. So to begin, I have uploaded a picture of my husband who is holding our daughter while our son stands in front of them. The importance of this photo is to remind others as well as myself, that our true wealth lies within those we love and love us in return. My husband and I met in college and married a month after graduating. Our dreams were big and our hopes of success were high. We soon found that the real world is much harder than any assignment or test could ever be. I worked night shifts as a health aide and my husband worked at various fast food joints. Our loans took away most of our earnings and the rest went into our tiny apartment. Despite this dose of reality, we still found great joy in each other's company. Seeing each other in between shifts and on days off were something to look forward to. Although we may not have thought of it this way too often, we really did find success in the real world. That success was our bond of love growing stronger through marriage. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it's true! In the immortal words of The Beatles "Money can't buy me love."
In January, I started getting very sick. At first I thought it was a backlash of a horrible infection I was fighting, but it turned out I was pregnant. As some of you may have experienced, our birth control failed and we were on our way to parenthood a lot quicker than planned. We freaked out of course but deep down, we knew we could take this in stride. After all, this baby symbolized our love. Little did we realize at the time, that this baby and our second baby would add even greater wealth to our lives through the love we had to share. So in closing with my first post, it was during this tumultuous beginning of life outside school, that we started learning what true success is and how a wealth far greater than money, became a higher goal worth fighting for. *I hope those that read this reflect on our personal life lessons and learn from them as we did. The other reason for this and the posts to come is also an attempt to reach out to Ellen for words of support. Our family has always been fond of Ellen's determination and strength against the poor treatment inflicted on those of lessr social status or those that are different from our procieved norms. Just to hear a kind word from such a charismatic and kind woman would help buoy our heavy spirits in this rough time. A kind word of gesture is also a precious gift. Help us reach her please.
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