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Looking for My Biological Father
Please share. I am hoping to find my biological father. Before I begin, if you think you are him by the time you finish reading this please don't believe anything the agency has told you if they said not to contact me. It would be great if you contact me and you have my word we can go at the pace you want and I will never ask for money. I really need biological medical information as I've been ill. This is the information I have, but I don't know how accurate it is because the agency Catholic Charities/Catholic Family Center is very corrupt and notorious for lying and have told me 3 different stories. They even lied to the actress from Star Trek who is a biological mum. Catholic Charities/Catholic Family Center has told me three different stories, one that my biological father agreed to adoption, two that my biological father fought for custody, and three that my biological father is unknown. If you believe the following descriptions below match or possibly match you or someone you know please email me. If you want to maintain your privacy, I will not email you back, but please let me know of any biological family health history like heart disease as I do not have access to biological medical records. If you do want contact, and believe we are related, I will ask for a DNA test that I am happy to pay for. From there, I would like to exchange Christmas cards to begin with. Please don't listen to the corrupt agency that loves to tell biological parents not to contact their children. I have also attached a photo of myself from when I was little to see if you think I resemble you or someone in your family. If you are not a good person be warned I come from an enormous cop and military family and I am a martial artist. Hopefully, you are a good person like myself. Information I have on my biological father:
*5 ft 9
* his mom was a nurse
*has 2 brothers and no sister
*was age 21 in 1984, possibly age 21 in December 1984
*he was living with his grandparents in 1984
*he was a Christian Fundamentalist in 1984
*he has brown eyes
*he has dark brown or brown hair
*he has a cleft chin
*I was told he has Italian ancestry. However, when I took an ancestry DNA test I had no Italian blood in me. He's more likely to be: Scottish, Irish, Scots Irish, French, or Jewish with the highest possibility being Scottish, Irish, or Scots Irish as that was by far the biggest ancestry results that came back to me. It's possible his family thinks they are Italian when they are actually not.

Information about me:
* I have my biological father's hair and eyes
*I have my biological father's cleft chin
*I was born in New York State, but I believe my biological father is not from New York
*I was born December 1984
*I am female

If you think this is you or someone you know please email me here on facebook. If you see my account seems blocked, it's not, I may deactivate it for a day or two now and then come back in a week.
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