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In April 2009, my wife (then age 30) had a small accident blowing her knee out and breaking her leg. After 2 reconstructive surgeries, the doctors quickly realized the healing process was not going as planned. My wife had developed Reflex Symapthetic Dystrophy or CPRS in her right leg. It was as though her leg felt like it was on fire, turning blue, and often swelling double the size of her other leg. After multiple P.T. visits she has struggled to walk without a wheelchair over the years. Now she can no longer walk without her chair or assistance. We were fortunate enough to go to the Mayo Clinic hoping to find a treatment for this horrific disease.

Unfortunately her condition does not have a cure and it’s now spread throughout her body effecting all her limbs except her right arm. She’s had multiple surgeries to implant a Spinal Cord Stimulator as well as an Intrathecal Pain Pump placed in her abdomen to control the pain throughout her body.

We got married in December 1997 and have 2 beautiful children. Allison 13 and Parker 12. They don’t have many memories of their mom not being sick. We travel an hour away to her doctors in Indianapolis. This auto-immune disease has now effected several other parts of her body.

Our house flooded 2 years ago and displaced us for several months. We were able to have the house professionally cleaned. It’s not done but we live there.

Last month the engine went out of our 97 Bravada for the 2nd time in 2 years. I had to sell my car I use to drive back and forth to work to pay for a different engine. Our SUV is the only vehicle we can use to transport her wheelchair & I’m the only one who can help her to appts. due to the weight of her wheelchair and loading/unloading into our car.

My wife is a fighter and is staying home for months at a time because of the struggle to go anywhere. We are a one-income family from my wife’s disability. We cannot afford a vehicle for her. Even though she’s deemed disabled, a loophole does not allow for a monthly check.

Please help bless us it will allow my wife to be with our family. As you can see the past 6 years has been one nightmare after another.
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