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Wedding Proposal "I can love you like that"
On December 11th I ask my girlfriend to marry me. I made that day as special as I could. Leading up to the proposal I sent her on a scavenger hunt that started at home. It brought her to places of great meaning to us. The first place was the local gas station and from there I wanted her nails done beautiful for the special moment so I sent her to have her nails done. After that her next clue led her to the first place we met where her best friend was waiting on her with a dozen of roses and she played to songs of great meaning to us. Then the bartender gave her the next clue which was a gift certificate to Apple B's. After dinner she received another clue what took her to a little hole in the wall bar we always go to where she listen to two more songs. Then the bar tender there gave her the next clue what brought her to the night club Mavericks to watch a concert. What she didn't realize I was there the whole time waiting for my chance to shine.
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