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Tomorrow A song about never giving up
This made me cry tears of joy. We are more than a community we are a family. We are all UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL and QUIRKY in our own ways. This is why we are united because a group of friends saw that music unites us as one big happy family

Ellen if you or any of your family members AKA the amazing people who work with you saw this it would make my year complete!!!!

My name is Bertha and I am a dream catcher, the people in this band create music for us.
It is time for the Set It Off Tomorrow invasion to begin.

Just a random life story here because i know you like to go thru Facebook haha,
as I said earlier my name is Bertha Alicia Coria
I am an premature baby I was born on leap year of 1996 (I am 18 going on 19 or you can also say i´m 4 years old) As I no longer get health insurance coverage I hope that I never have to go to the doctors again because I am the first college kid in my family. I have to learn to save money up...
I graduated from high school in June 2014 and I currently work for the school district I graduated from as a Substitute Paraeducator. This means that I work with kids from kinder to senior year of high school. My favorite part of working is that I get to teach what I know. I especially enjoy working with Life skills students at the high school.

Thank you for being amazing, funny and beautiful

Bertha Coria
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