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My Life, With Ataxia Along For The Ride
Dear Ellen, I have written to you a lot in the past and will continue to do so because of my condition of Spinal Cerebellum Ataxia. It is a very destructive and ugly condition that affects approximately 150,000 in the U.S. alone, but it is a world wide problem. I was diagnosed in 2003 and currently lead two support groups and write a humorous blog about my life, which I started in November of 2014, and which to date has just over 12,700 views. So many people have no clue what this crippling and life altering condition is. I would love to come on your show and change that. I would love to expose this hated condition and I believe your show would be the perfect place to do this. Please Ellen, so many could be helped if the public just began to understand what life is like for those who struggle every day. I watch clips of your show every night with my wife before we go to bed, and I know the exposure on your show would go a long, long way. I would love it personally but more to the point, would love the light to this dark world of Ataxia that the exposure on your show would bring. Thank you so much, I would love to hear from you. My email is wolfer.jason@gmail.com, and my phone # is 503.502.2633
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