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Please Help Me Ellen!
Hi Ellen,
My prayer is that you or someone that works with you would see this video and help me (and my family) for that matter, because when I suffer they all do because I cannot be an effective wife and mother when Im in chronic pain. Ive tried everything from transforming my whole diet, to seeing a number of different specialists and doctors, and test from hundreds of dollars of blood work, to mri to ct scans and x rays, and the list goes on..and nothing is showing why I went from healthy to having my son hunter and bam, cannot hardly walk and some days can even get out of my bed... Please Ellen connect me with the ppl who can help me! My husband is working his butt off just to cover our mortgage, we cannot afford to see naturopath and chiropractors and all other kinds of treatment that is not covered under Canadian medical care (not a whole lot is covered like it use to be in Canada) Thank you for allowing me to post my video and share my story!! God Bless
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