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8yr old inspiring bullied bff from another state
My 8 yr old was so upset when he heard his bff in Colorado was bullied for a costume he wore to school that he felt the need to show his support and send a message. Last year his bff was bullied by a huge kid and Patch got right in the middle putting himself in danger to protect his much smaller friend telling the bully that "this is how you stand up for your friends." He never ceases to amaze me because he is high functioning autistic and a certain part of his personality is effected by it. He doesn't understand social positions of cool and uncool. He only does what's right. So even if putting himself in the middle to diffuse the situation would be frowned upon or he might lose friends, he would still do it. I love this amazing guy! I hope you find some support in his words. XO
32 views Apr 16, 2015
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