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Beautiful family
Caitlin started dating Noah when She just turned 16 and he was still 15, and they waited over a year to "consummate" our love to each other. A couple years later, when She was 18 and Noah was 17, in September. She took lots of tests and they were all positive. So She told Noah and he was worried but he thought it was a good thing because it would get him on track to get a better job for them and their soon to be family. So he was there through out my whole pregnancy, 39 weeks and 5 days. He went from working a couple hours a week to full time and even worked two jobs at once for 6 months to save, as She worked one also to save. Noah never left her side and always kissed her tummy. She was scared at first, him being only 17 when they fell pregnant, that he might leave when the baby comes, as many people told her before. But then, their daughter was born, April 28/2013 at 6:16am. They both cried. Noah took her off her about half an hour later and just changed her diaper and got her dressed. The nurse even told her "you've got a keeper". Her pregnancy was normal and She had a few early labour worries but Noah was there through it all. It's been 7 months and in that time, we have gone from living with our parents and one car, to moving 12 hours away and Noah starting a career and having 3 cares of our own. Yes, we are only 19 now and engaged, but we are a forever family. Caitlin and Noah are now married and are expecting a second addition to their family, a baby boy!
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