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Our Baby Boy Needs Surgery
Baby Jackson was born to Cheryl & Jake Sever in January 2015 - his arrival was much anticipated as he entered an extended family of all girls (on his mom's side, anyway), except for one newborn cousin Kaidan! Quickly after Jackson's birth, his mama noticed an odd ridge along the back of his skull and with an odd oblong-shaped skull that didn't resolve itself like would happen with the usual "cone-head" that is common with birth.
Baby Jackson visited a pediatric neurosurgeon after the recommendation of his pediatrician. The verdict was that baby Jackson has Scaphocephaly, a condition in which the sagittal suture of the skull prematurely fuses. The cause is unknown, but complications (if not corrected) can include inhibiting correct brain growth and increased intracranial pressure resulting in inhibited brain growth.
Baby Jackson needs to have surgery (craniotomy) to release the fused suture, as well as helmet therapy to help correctly reshape his skull.
The cost of the surgery alone is tens of thousands of dollars, and each helmet (Jackson will need 4 or 5 to accommodate his growing head over time) runs a few thousand dollars each. The surgery was scheduled for April 1st.
Cheryl and Jake were on a very expensive insurance plan before baby Jackson was born, so they switched to a plan through the state of Utah that would give them better coverage of his birth. After Jackson was born the state required them to apply for CHIP for the baby before they would allow him to be covered on the new insurance plan - all while the time for Jackson's surgery drew closer and closer. The week before the surgery was to be done, Jackson was denied for CHIP, and so the race to add him to the insurance plan began while pre-authorizations needed to be made for both the surgery and baby's first helmet. Arrangements have gone forward to add baby Jackson to the regular insurance, BUT now the issue has arisen that it won't cover Primary Children's Hospital. As you can imagine, the Sever family is scrambling and experiencing a lot of turmoil as the prospect of having to reschedule Jackson's surgery and finding a new neurosurgeon to perform it at a different hospital, prolonging the wait for Jackson's condition to be treated and increasing chances that he will suffer long-term effects.
So many family and friends have asked how they can help - we wanted to put together an opportunity to help baby Jackson, Cheryl & Jake, to be able to take care of things financially. Jake has been working two jobs, while Cheryl spends days comforting a fussy baby Jackson and running around 14-year old Kenzie. Any amount will help tremendously and I know they will be so grateful. We love you!
All proceeds will go directly to help pay for Baby Jackson's surgery.
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Mar 31, 2015