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I Feel Bloated... Do I look Bloated? GP Awareness!
Gastroparesis (gp) is a horrible illness that effects us all in a bad way, not all the same. Some bloat after they eat, they bloat so much that they look 8 months pregnant, literally. Before they eat they look undernourished and under weight. After they eat... Bloated to extreme. There is no natural progression to this illness. Gastroparesis is an as-yet incurable illness. Our bodies do not absorb nutrients from the foods we eat - when we CAN eat. Many are malnourished, dehydrated, and at times we cannot eat because our bodies will not allow it. It purges anything we try to eat. NOT FUN! Not glamorous, but then, this is an illness and we are trying to bring awareness to it. Our goal is to get Raven Walton, one of our gp warriors to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to bring national attention to this horrible illness. Raven is 20 years old and has had 7 surgeries since she was diagnosed at age 14 and expects to have a surgery every two years for life or until there is a cure for gp. Still, she is a pageant winner and teaches dance to young children. She wears her scars proudly. Please help us spread awareness by getting Raven on the show with Ellen. Thank you so much!
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Yes I agree ! Come on ellen !!
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Mar 26, 2015
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How would you like to look malnourished, then eat a little bit of food and w/i a short time look bloated as if you are many months pregnant? Can you imagine having people ask you when you're 'due', when in fact, you are just sick? It is embarrassing, and just having gp can give us social anxiety... never knowing when our body will want to purge (from one end or the other) the food that is in our system, often at a moment's notice. Feeling fine (as fine as we get) one minute, then all of a sudden running for a bathroom, hoping we make it on time. Some of us have learned to take extra clothes and 'wipies' with us just in case, because we have had more than one such occurrence. One of my fellow gp warriors told me that she has learned to live with her illness, but has a hard time when her friends want her to go out with them, or trying to explain why she cannot go to restaurants with them. This is a reality for many gp patients. Please help us bring awareness to this, in hopes of stimulating the medical community to devote more funding to gastroparesis, and helping to find a cure. Please vote on our pictures/videos and on our comments.
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Mar 31, 2015
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