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Wedding Wishes
Hello, my name is Reyna, I'm 28 years old and my beautiful fiancée is Yareli, she's 27. We have been together since November of 2011. But have known each other as best friends since 2006. As a couple we have been through good and bad times but through every moment we never give up on each other nor in our dreams. However, recently we began to struggle more than ever to get our life's back on track. Yareli was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) when she was 14 and ever since she has had her ups and downs. She has never given up on her life or dreams. Unfortunately 4 months ago Yareli suffer a relapse or "flare-up" from which she couldn't get out of quick. The "Flare-up" is basically when the disease is at an active state. It makes the body weak and attacks some of the organs, such as joints, skin, brain, lungs, kidney, and blood vessels. She has has high blood pressure, arthritis, and a possible kidney failure in the future. We had been able to get back on our feet during a flare, but this time everything changed. She lost her job due to her disease which had caused her to be absent regularly. She got depressed which made it ten times worse. I have been there for her all the way and have never left her side. Infact, every doctor appointment I have been there by her side, ever since we started dating I have been there for her, because to me that is what it means to have a partner, to be there for each other in health and sickness.

I love this woman so much, I would not know what I will do if I ever lose her.

Furthermore, we are struggling in terms of money. We had these amazing dreams of getting a house, getting married, going back to college and finish a degree to better our lives for our well being and for the well of our relationship. We had plans on getting married on May 15, 2015. However due to our money struggles we haven't even talk about the wedding for months. I'm even afraid to bring it up. When she got layd-off from her job we had to get a tittle loan on the car we had just finished paying off, this was to pay bills that were getting behind and our rent was also due. My job was not giving me enough hours. I worked at a retail store called Trends, in Arlington,TX. During holidays I got good hours but it only lasted about a month and a half. It was not enough for me to catch up with all the bills that had accumulated. I tried my best to work as hard as I could and it seem that the more I worked the less I gain. I over worked myself for about three months and I started feeling sick my body could not take it anymore. So i slow down on the hours it was overwhelming and stressful. At this point I don't even know what would have been a better choice. I was also layoff from my job about 2 weeks ago, I manage to get a new job at the airport, but unfortunately i was not able to keep it due to my health. the salary was also not helping me out at all. We have tried to get personal loans and ask family and friends to help us out.

However the struggle to get the wedding going is still present we were able to pay off our car loan, but it left us with no money left for the wedding. I am beyond stresss at the moment as we have only 1 month left to our wedding date. All I'm asking is for some help to come up with $3,000 This is all the help I'm asking for to be able to make our little dream come true. We are hoping for any type of monetary help we can get.

I thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. I do hope if there's anything you can help us with it will be greatly appreciated.
♡Thank you♡
♡Yareli & Reyna Hernandez♡
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