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Thumbs Up For Awareness Libby's Gastroparesis Story
Libby shares her gp struggle.
Please vote up, share so Raven can dance with Ellen and bring national attention to the battles of GASTROPARESIS (gp)
155 views Mar 26, 2015
Toria 6,590 points
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Toria 6,590 points
Normal is subjective, yes? Many gastroparesis sufferers are trying to find our 'new normal'.
Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
#ellendancewithraven #gpawareness #curegp #dancedare
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Mar 27, 2015
Toria 6,590 points
Raven Walton wants to get to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to help bring awareness to gastroparesis (gp), a disease that attacks the digestive tract of (sometimes) otherwise healthy people. Sometimes gp couples with another illness, most often but not always, diabetes. Sometimes gp is 'idiopathic', meaning there is no known cause of the gp. There is also no known cure. Most doctors do not even know the scope of the symptoms of gp patients, leaving patients hurting and wondering why the doctors they go to for help are treating said patient as if there is really nothing wrong with them, and/or the patient is possibly lying about their symptoms, even after the patient is admitted and the nurses and doctors can see the visible parts of gp sickness. Please help us get Raven on Ellen so she can bring national attention to this worthy cause.
#EllenDanceWithRaven #curegp #gpawareness #gastroparesis
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Mar 29, 2015
Toria 6,590 points
We are trying to get Raven Walton, gastroparesis (gp) patient and advocate on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to help bring awareness to this monster of a disease. Raven teaches dance to young children. She says she feels no pain when she is dancing. She also competes in pageants, proudly showing the scars she has from the many surgeries she has had because of gp. She expects to have the pacemaker in her abdomen (it helps push the food through her digestive tract) replaced every two years until there is a cure for gp. Please help us bring national attention to this so people are aware. We need the medical community to fund more research and look for a cure. Many doctors are not even aware of the scope of symptoms that come with gp. We are trying to change that. Please help Raven get to this show!
#curegp #gastroparesis #gpawareness #EllenDanceWithRaven
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Mar 31, 2015
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Apr 8, 2015