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Arkansas Dancer Lights Up The Stage
Raven Walton, Pageant Winner, Gastroparesis Advocate and patient
284 views Mar 26, 2015
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Toria 6,590 points
Arkansas dancer highlights local news with aspirations of dancing on The Ellen DeGeneres show to bring gastroparesis (gp) sufferers a voice. Please help by viewing, voting and commenting on these pictures/videos. #curegp #ellendancewithraven #gpawareness #dancedare
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Mar 27, 2015
Toria 6,590 points
Raven Walton was featured on her local news station. She is not only a gastroparesis (gp) patient, she teaches dance to children and says that she feels no pain when she is dancing. Raven is also a pageant winner who proudly displays the scars she has from the 7 surgeries she has had since she was diagnosed at age 14. She expects to have a surgery every two years to replace the gastric pacemaker in her abdomen until a cure is found. The 'pacer' helps stimulate her digestive tract to help push the food through her body. Let's help get Raven on Ellen's show so we can look forward to better research and hopefully a cure for gp.
#curegp #gastroparesis #gpawareness #ellendancewithraven
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Mar 31, 2015
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Apr 8, 2015