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Ken The Foo Fighter - My Hero
So here is a little snippet of Ken the Foo Fighter's story...
Ken has been fighting stage 4 melanoma cancer (or terminal for those of you who don't understand much about cancer) for the last 4 years however his battle has been ongoing far longer than this. Determined as ever he has always "taken life by the horns" so to speak and never let cancer stop him.

He had and still does a series of bucket list adventures that he wants to embark on before his time here on earth is done and one was to fly to america to see one of his all time favourite bands The Foo Fighters. Unfortunately after suffering a series of focal seizures, two major brain surgeries, whole of brain radiation and targeted radiation to try and reduce the tumours just in the brain the dream to fly to America evaded him. But of course there was and had to be somehow he could see them and still have an experience of a lifetime.

The Foo Fighters released Sonic Highways then announced a tour with a show in six of the states of Australia. It was decided (with the well wishes of his treatment team) that he would attend EVERY FOO FIGHTERS concert held in each of the states. Tickets were brought, flights booked, sight seeing anticipated, accommodation sorted... and then on the Sunday before they were due to fly out dad suffered a severe seizure but still determined to fly they flew out on the Monday even though Ken struggled walk. He then suffered more seizures that rendered him in the hotel room and had to make use of a wheel chair to get around. Still determined off he went to the Brisbane show and rocked out and proceeded to attend all the shows he and Ann his wife had planned. It was a real FOO-TASTIC HOLIDAY!!!

Every concert was awesome and each stadium was so happy to help Ken and Ann move to better seating, as each ticket they had purchased was for the mosh-pit.

So Ken the "Wonder Man" and a true "Foo Fighter" did it wheel-chair, no hair, cancer and all and made a big tick on his bucket list. We (Kens groupies) tried so hard to get him a chance to meet the band but never truly succeeded but he was so happy just to have achieved seeing the Foo Fighters in each state. So I guess its many things that make us think of him as our hero but really its the determination, strength and humility that makes Ken just what he is "A Foo Fighter & Our Hero"
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Let's get Ken and his wife Ann to the Foo Fighters concert in LA...the nicest guy in Rock (DAve Ghrol) meets the nicest guy in Australia (Ken Powell)...Instead of holding signs to each other they could say really say 'Hello" & shake hands!!
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Mar 25, 2015