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Help me save my Granddaughter & her 2 special needs babies from homelessness/my final wish
My Jessie and her babies will lose their home in less than 4 months without the help & support of others. Jessie has done so much for other, me included, & now she needs others who are also kind and caring to help her. After two rough pregnancies & months with her babies in the NICU at CHOP she & her husband are behind even though they are both working. They cannot catch up on repairs and their mortgage. Please help me fulfill my final wish. I am 94 and I know my days are numbered. I could not bare to leave them in such a tragic state, especially after all the care Jessie has given me! Without her I would have lost my home & be living in a nursing home wasting away being separated from my independence.http://www.gofundme.com/hope4myfamily
116 views Mar 21, 2015
GracieO 440 points
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GracieO 440 points
Every day is another day closer to seeing my granddaughter lose everything. After all that she has done for me, her family, & community it seems so unfair that things will only get worse for her & her babies. Please help my cause! A donation however big or small means more to me than you could ever know! I wish I could do it all myself but it's just impossible. Help me show my Jessie and her children that even though the world is a harsh place, there are still good and caring people out there!
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Mar 21, 2015