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Conner is a 5yr old handsome ray of Sunshine. He was born with several abnormalities..... a bicuspid aortic valve, kidney problems, seizure disorded, diabetes insipidus, and an unknown disorder that has cause him to be born with the right side of his body larger than the left and leg and feet abnormalities.  When he was 3 months old he underwent a right hemspherectomy ( removal of the right side of his brain)due to seizure disorder. Conner no longer remembered how to suck a bottle after his surgery so he was put on a feeding tube. Conner was severely malnurished at 16 months old and entered foster care. On September 17th, 2012 When Conner was almost 3yrs. Old our family finally got to adopt him. Since then there have been many struggles and many more happy times. Conner came off his feeding tube and finally began eating on his own. Then he began drinking on his own and things were proceding well. However recently we have found out that his struggles are far from over. His legs have begun retracting causing him horrible pain and after the latest appointment with his orthapedic Doctor we found out he has to have surgery to release his hamstring and put in growth plates on his knees because his bones are not growing properly due to bad circulation in his lower body. Also his bones are not dense enough to support his weight. Conners hips have been dislocated since birth and he can not have surgery to correct this due to overgrowth of cappilaries in the area ( he would bleed out during surgery) and now his bones have moved position and even if he could stand he wouldn't be able to stand straight he would bend over at a 45 degree angle. So any hope we had for him being able to walk has been crushed. Conner will be in a wheelchair his whole life. We have several trips to St. Louis to try to keep his legs from contracting and causing him more pain and we need to prepare our home for wheelchair use. We need to strengthen our floors, widen doorways, make several ramps, and pathways outside ( we live in the country).Any and all help is greatly appreciated.... Www.gofund.me/okp0s4
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Cindy Dunkin 200 points
He is such a special little boy !!And deserves to have everything he needs to make his life a little easier !!Thank you all!!He inspires me everyday!!
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Mar 18, 2015
melobay67 180 points
Conner is such a loving little boy. Always has a smile. I would love to see him get what ever he needs to make his life a little easier. Its hard to believe the strength he has. He is truly an awesome little boy. I'm very  proud to be his aunt. Thank you.
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Mar 18, 2015