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Karlee, age 7, is devastated when her only present from Santa is a piece of wood.
Karlee made the naughty list this year. She was so excited Christmas morning until she opened her only present, a piece of wood. Even though she was crushed she handled it with grace and tried to play it off. Very funny.
466 views Dec 27, 2014
kirksmith312 340 points

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kirksmith312 340 points
At least we can build a fire :)
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Dec 27, 2014
Lisha Smith 160 points
At least she was positive and thinking about building a fire...
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Dec 28, 2014
Good girl
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Dec 27, 2014
jenvz2000 150 points
At least she knows, its not all about presents!
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Dec 28, 2014
ora 150 points
I know this little girl.  She's quite a charmer.
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Dec 30, 2014
Camonte 150 points
She handled it with grace. Did she get to build a fire? Lol  From one of her BFFs .
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Dec 31, 2014
Her parents are cruel to her.  If a child is misbehaving it should be dealt with at the moment, not by being petty at Christmas.
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Jan 5, 2015