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My Bucketlist wish
I am on a daily mission to reach out to Ellen. I admire Ellen dearly and hope that my mission to reach her come true.
Growing up in the 1920s I was always taught that aa a woman my job was to leave the thinking and problem solving to the men in my life. I was lucky to finish high school before I had to start working a menial job for low wages and dealing with sexist comments from a male Forman who knew we could never talk back lest we wish to get fired.
I am not saying that all men are bad because I was lucky to be married to an amazing husband with whom I got to spend over forty awesome years with. I am just saying that I consider myself lucky to have lived long enough to see a woman like Ellen stand up against backwards thinking and push for equality in many different forms. Her strength and determination to stand up for the rights of not just women, but for everyone whose rights are hindered by persecution, is truly an inspiration to me. She gives me hope for a better tomorrow for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is because of this that I consider her to be my hero.
It is also why my one and only item on my bucket list is to meet Ellen and to witness her be the change for better in my granddaughters life.
My granddaughter, Jessie, and her two special needs babies are going to lose their home and family van in 4 months. Her firstborn son was born with a rare genetic disease which caused him to stop breathing in her arms the day after he was born. He was in the NICU for several months to follow and still must frequent the Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia for special care. Her daughter is on the spectrum and will need additional therapies as well. To make matters worse Jessie was very sick throughout both pregnancies and almost died carrying her babies. During these rough times Jessie was unable to hold on to her full time job and her and her husband used most of their savings to attend to their children's needs. Now, even with Jessie working part time and her husband full time, they cannot catch up with their mounting bills. Their mortgage is steep, their house needs dire repairs, and their van has over 180,000 miles on it and won't last much longer. It is because of this that by July, they will have reached their limit.
It is my hope and greatest wish that Ellen, a woman who I view to be the very symbol of strength and compassion in this otherwise uncaring world, hears my plea and saves loved ones from such a terrible state. It would truly be the highlight of nearly a century of life filled with struggles for me and now my poor granddaughter to witness such great mercy. Please spread the word and help me carry out my mission before it's too late. #EllenDegeneres
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GracieO 440 points
I just wanted to add that the reason this is so close to my heart is that my granddaughter, Jessie, has been taking care of my daughter, her mother, after she suffered a mental breakdown and she takes care of me as well. If it wasn't for her driving me, helping with my chores, providing me with food, & giving me general care I would be slipping away in a nursing home. She doesn't just help family either. She has helped numerous elderly and disabled people in our community & is always willing to share what little she has to ease others from suffering. That is why this is my only wish on bucket list. Jessie has always been down on her luck but has also tried to keep positive. I fear this will be too great a loss even for someone as strong as her. Please help me get my message to Ellen. I would love to hear from the woman who inspired me to speak out & stand up for what I believe in as well as see her reach out to my Jessie to show her that there still is good in this world! Thanks!
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Mar 18, 2015
GracieO 440 points
Thanks for the vote! Every nice gesture strengthens my belief in others & their capacity to show kindness, compassion, & mercy! May good luck & kindness follow you always!
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Mar 20, 2015