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He Lives In Me
I made this video and song He Lives In Me to help show that all the energy we put in towards something negative only brings an outcome of negative and to show that when others make a decision whether a wrongful act or a a use of violent force whether intentionally or not,that we as individuals should know how to act and remain peaceful even if we have to dig deep to maintain our composure through a certain act or event because we all have good inside of us and should remember that when many lives were taken away,as well homes,from the brutal storms from tornadoes to hurricanes,that everyone tried to help each other and remembered the importance of life and color was nowhere near a factor me as a black male feel that the looting and hate in Ferguson,made because of a child who was problematic was so unnecessary and wrong as well as the death of Mr garner and that we should love,love,love and not become violent for the actions of others whether Michael Brown Or the Officer from NY and a saying I have always had for myself that I came up with is THE MORE YOU SEE AND FILLYOURSELF WITH LOVE THE MORE HATE BECOMES BLIND.
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